Cornerstone was created in 1992. For the last 20+ years, we have been providing quality sweeps at an affordable price.

We offer chimney sweeping, dryer vent cleaning, inspections, chimney cap installations, and minor repairs.

Here is what to expect during a sweep:

  • Sealing off of the fireplace and covering of surrounding floor.
  • Cleaning of flue internally from the roof down to firebox.
  • Cleaning of flue from bottom and cleaning of firebox using dust-free cleaning
  • Post cleaning visual inspection of chimney included.
  • Installation of chimney cap/spark arrestors (if needed)

Regular inspections and chimney cleanings are recommended by your local fire department. Don't get caught in a flue fire!

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San Diego, CA

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My name is Luis Payan. I've been happily married for 27 years to my wife (she'll answer your phone calls!)

I have two boys (who you might see as my assistants). I've grown up in San Diego, and am currently residing in East County. Cornerstone Chimney Sweep serves all of San Diego County.



You can expect to pay: